We are delighted to present to you the various styles of the residential units. Each with its own character, but always with the same high level of finishing. The focus is on design and comfort, inspired by a contemporary lifestyle and housing needs.

Elegant modern buildings with Caribbean charm

The ninety-seven residences are spread over four elegant modern buildings designed by the renowned architect Pieter Laureys. The white color, the glass partitions and the wooden-frame details give the buildings a transparent, luxurious and tropical look and feel.

An excellent mix of residence types to choose from

There is nothing more personal than a home. We all have different ideas about our ideal home. That is why we designed a variety of residence types for you to choose from.

Open floor plans for more light, air and a sea view

All residences have an open floor plan. These are highly efficient as they make use of large, open spaces. Natural light and air passing through the living area and great ocean views is the result. The Caribbean easily enters your home and your life.

The kitchen layout is perfect for cooking and socializing

The kitchen layout combines cooking and dining and is a perfect gathering spot in the house. The look and feel of the kitchen is contemporary with modern integrated appliances. The kitchen is fully equipped to comfortably prepare the best dinners.

Spacious bed- and bathrooms

Waking up within a stone’s throw of the beach is no longer a dream. The spacious bedrooms, with room for wardrobes and side tables, are situated and designed for a good night’s rest. The rainfall shower in the luxurious, fully equipped bathroom will have you ready for another day of true Caribbean living.

Inside and outside connect, enlarging the living space

Each apartment has a spacious terrace stretched over the full width of the living space. With large glass terrace doors, the inside and outside seamlessly blend together.


Interior design for a true home

Award-winning interior designer Pieter Laureys from TKI created three innovative interior designs to choose from. Each style is characterized by a high level of finish and attention to the smallest details. With endless possibilities to choose from, or to mix up, your residence will become a true home. Be inspired by the three interior design lines for the kitchens, bathrooms and floors of:

  1. Coral Sand: Be swept away by the serene and natural beauty of Coral Sand, where soft hues and subtle textures create a haven of tranquility. Perfect for those seeking a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere.
  2. Elegant Chic: For a touch of sophistication and glamour, embrace the Elegant Chic style. This style combines modern elegance with timeless luxury, ideal for those who appreciate a refined and stylish setting.
  3. Botanica Quit: Step into a world of lush greenery with Botanica Quit. This style brings the outdoors in, focusing on botanical elements and natural materials. Ideal for nature enthusiasts and those yearning for an organic and fresh ambiance.