Mambo Beach BLVD

The ONE Mambo Beach are located right on Curaçao’s famous Mambo beach. Set against a stunning white sandy beach and a turquoise Caribbean sea, you will find the best shopping, spots for coffee and drinks, delicious dining, exciting events and trendy parties. Mambo Beach BLVD fits your lifestyle every day, at any time of the day.

The beach, part of your everyday life
When living so close to the sea every day, life becomes true beach life. Imagine a morning barefoot run on the beach, followed by a cool down in your favorite juice bar on the boulevard. Or sunset drinks with friends in a trendy beach club after a day on the beach. Or a romantic dinner under the sparkling stars with your feet in the sand. This is the Mambo Beach lifestyle!

Fun shopping
Curaçao’s best and most unique shops are located at Mambo Beach BLVD. This spacious pedestrian boulevard set along the beach is a unique shopping destination. Fashion, gifts, beauty, health products and services, sports and beachwear—you’ll find absolutely anything and everything here. You could easily spend a day exploring the many boutiques!

Delicious food & drinks
Enjoying delicious food and drinks with an ocean view is the best of Mambo Beach BLVD. For every moment and occasion, you will find the perfect setting. An early breakfast, coffee with a friend, sunset drinks or a romantic dinner. Enjoy the breeze from the sea, the buzz and share these moments with family and friends.

Party time
At Mambo Beach BLVD, there is always something going on. The beach with the turquoise ocean in the background is the perfect setting for great cocktail parties, spectacular shows from famous artists, firework shows and much more.